Use High Security Locks to Prevent Lock Bumping

Hi everyone!  In this first installment I’d like to tell you a little bit about high security locks.

But first, if you don’t know about or haven’t heard about “bump keys,” you need to do a search on YouTube and watch a few videos. BTW, lock bumping has been around for about 100 years!

I’ve only seen about 1 or 2 cases of actual break-ins in my 20 years where the locks were actually picked by someone. However, since YouTube lock bumping has and is becoming very well known, it is happening more and more.  It takes almost no skill to do either, which makes the case for high security locks and security systems.

High security locks offer several features to prevent most all unauthorized entry methods.  They are highly pick and bump resistant, highly drill resistant, and offer key control. Only the locksmith you purchased the locks from can obtain the special key blanks.

Stay tuned for more!


by:  Mike Yarberry

Certified Master Locksmith, Safecracker & Safe Technician




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